Zara Yu, Age: fifteen Kinnelon Senior high school, Nj-new jersey Enterprise Name: Many-Human body Quantum Condition Control regarding Exposure off Environment Sounds

Zara Yu, Age: fifteen Kinnelon Senior high school, Nj-new jersey Enterprise Name: Many-Human body Quantum Condition Control regarding Exposure off Environment Sounds

Renee Zbizika, Age: 17 John L. Miller Great Shoulder North Senior school, New york Investment Title: Aerosol Optical Breadth Estimation Having fun with a deep Sensory Circle: Evaluating the chance of Playing with Meteorological Studies and you may Biomass Burning Experience Research

Gary Zhan, Age: 17 Logan High-school, UT Enterprise Term: With the Sustainable Agriculture: Starting Unique Crushed-Bacteria-Oriented Biotechnologies to promote Harvest Growth

Anya Zhang, Age: 17 Edward Clark Twelfth grade, NV Project Identity: Spatial Variability off Water Acidification and its particular Impacting Facts inside Massachusetts Bay

Alexandra Vesselinov, Age: 17 Paul D

William Zhang, Age: 17 Ward Melville Senior school, Ny Opportunity Name: Hydra: Concise Pipelineable Entertaining Objections of real information to have Verifiable Neural Networking sites

Allison Zhang, Age: 17 Manhasset High-school, Nyc Endeavor Term: Fabrication and you will Utilization of an angled Hydrophilic�Hydrophobic Patterned Epidermis to possess Fog-Picking Passionate by the Namib Wasteland Stenocara Beetles

Alexander Zhang, Age: 17 Lynbrook Senior school, California Opportunity Label: A novel and you may Effective Particular Chronic Homology in order to Select and you may Eradicate Topological Mistakes for the Triangle Interlock Studies

Luke Zhao, Age: 17 Lynbrook Senior school, California Enterprise Name: Single-Phone Transcriptomic Study Shows Hereditary Vehicle operators out of Prompt/Sluggish Engine Neuron Name

Emily Zhou, Age: 18 The newest Harker College, California Enterprise Identity: Computer-Assisted Detection out-of Intracranial Aneurysms Playing with an excellent Transformer Strong Sensory System in three-dimensional MR Angiography

Leon Lee Zhou, Age: 18 Shenzhen Middle school, Asia Opportunity Name: Artwork Detection regarding Mercury Ions In line with the Tug-of-Battle Ranging from Hg2+ and you will Oxidized Tetramethylbenzidine having Glutathione

Andrew Zhou, Age: 17 Thomas Jefferson Highschool to own Technology and Technology, Va Endeavor Identity: The new Role regarding Integrity and Element from inside the Leaders

Zachary Zitzewitz, Age: 18 Proof College or university, Ca Opportunity Title: A theoretic Brand of the exterior Geometry out-of Laminar Fluid Chains

Yuqiao Zou, Age: 18 Columbia Sentence structure & Preparatory College or university, Nyc Project Title: Development Photos-Crosslinking Peptide Probes since Substrate Imitates so you’re able to Trap Healthy protein Lysine Methyltransferases

Ethan Zuo, Age: 18 Saratoga Senior school, California Project Term: Optimization out-of Unique Several-Phase Squirt Impingement Cooling to have Datacenter High power-Occurrence Processors

Natalie Calman, Age: 17 Ossining Highschool, Nyc Project Label: Mindfulness-Created Worry Avoidance Knowledge Boosts the Emotional Well-Being out-of Teens

Riju Dey, Age: 17 Shorewood Senior school, WI Investment Name: Breakthrough from Book Eukaryotic-Such as Dual Phosphatase Kinase Managing Hormonal of one’s Contaminant Pyocyanin when you look at the Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Maggie Graseck, Age: 18 Rye Twelfth grade, Nyc Enterprise Name: Oysters and Crabs: Researching brand new Diet plan from Hemigrapsus sanguineus and you may Panopeus herbstii

Mithra Karamchedu, Age: 18 Jesuit Senior high school, Otherwise Project Label: Cryosphere Melting Risk: Predictive Brand of Glacial and you may Permafrost Melting Playing with Fractal Studies out-of Remote Felt Photo and Correlations so you can Timeseries Geoglacial and Permafrost Studies

Julianna Lian, Age: 17 Fl Atlantic College High-school, Fl Investment Label: Sargassum sp. Reductive, Polyphenol Pull Modulates D. dorotocephala Regeneration of the Reduced amount of ROS, and contains Potential because the an enthusiastic Anti-Inflammatory Broker

Ella Moore, Age: 18 Greenwich Highschool step one, CT Opportunity Identity: Suppression from Covid-19 Breathing Complications via a keen R-954 Peptide Bradykinin step one Receptor Antagonist

Emily Pizzorusso, Age: 17 Byram Mountains High school, Ny Project Identity: Color My World: Identifying Differences when considering Ladies and Men during the Systems and you may Groups out-of Synesthesia

Isabel Shi, Age: 18 Bergen Condition Academies, New jersey Endeavor Name: 5G System High frequency Rays Exerts Physiological Outcomes towards Fitness out-of Classified Neuroblastoma Mobile and you may Silkworm Activities

Schreiber High-school, Nyc Enterprise Identity: The results from Hypobaria Following the Harrowing Brain Burns off In addition to Hemorrhagic Treat toward Neuroinflammation and Choices

Xinkai Yu, Age: 18 Princeton International College of Mathematics and you can Research, Nj Opportunity Title: Acting and you may Mitigating Problems Risks of COVID-19 inside Flights Compartments

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